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A Special Appeal

Please consider a gift by Standing Order to Bright Eyes Animal Sanctuary

Just £3 a month will help provide us with regular funding to ensure continuous care for the animals in our Sanctuary

As a small animal welfare charity our only source of income is through the generosity of our supporters, the general public and our own fund-raising efforts. Unfortunately, feeding, heating, veterinary bills, mortgage repayments, etc. all add to the general cost of running the sanctuary - over £700 per week and increasing all the time!

Donations large or small are always welcome, what the Sanctuary desperately needs is regular income giving us the security to plan for the future. Donating by Standing Order directly from your bank is the easi­est way supporters can make a really meaningful contribution to the huge costs we face.

Although there is no lack of commitment on our part to continue helping animals, the reality of the situation comes down to FINANCE without which, WE SIMPLY CANNOT CONTINUE.

We are asking Animal Lovers to consider donating just 1Op a day, the equivalent off 3 monthly. Not much nowadays but would make a tremendous difference to us in that it secures our future.

THAT'S HOW IMPORTANT YOUR SPONSORSHIP WOULD BE.  "Giving a little.. can help a lot"

By way of thanks, supporters who donate 13 or more a month will have their name mounted on our "Friends of Bright Eyes" display on view at the Sanctuary. You may also have additional text along­side your name. This could be a permanent memorial for a much loved pet, close friend or relative or any wording of your choice.

Should you decide to support the work of Bright Eyes through regular sponsorship simply complete the Standing Order Form click here to download and return directly to us and we will do the rest. Please also complete on a separate sheet of paper, any additional text you would like displayed alongside your name.

On behalf of the animals we thank you for taking the time to read this special appeal and look forward to your valued support

Please Note: Although we hope you would consider giving your regular donation for as long as possible you are NOT obligated to continue doing so. You can cancel your Standing Order at any time by informing the sanctuary and our bank.