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Please support these campaigns to improve animal welfare
Just before Christmas, the Austrian Constitutional Court announced that the application by Circus Krone to overturn Austria ’s ban on wild animals in circuses had been thrown out, clearing the way for a UK ban.
To maintain pressure on the UK government, which is continuing to consider a licensing and inspection regime for wild animals in circuses, EDM 2563 Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses has been tabled in Parliament. The EDM, sponsored by Jim Cunningham MP and supported by cross-party MPs, Jeremy Corbyn, Gordon Henderson, Kelvin Hopkins, Caroline Lucas and Bob Russell, calls on the government to introduce a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses, effective 1 July.
A ban on the use of wild animals in circuses is overwhelmingly supported by Parliament and the general public, and has been top of ADI’s campaign agenda for twenty years. Our years of undercover investigations, technical reports, parliamentary briefings, opinion polls, demos, lobbying and campaigns have all led us to this point. Although we could not achieve the hoped-for support for a ban on all animals, the wild animal ban is a crucial step in the right direction. Let’s make this happen!

Please contact your MP today and ask them to sign EDM 2563 Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses.

Together we can end the suffering of wild animals in circuses. Thank you so much for your support.