The Fate of The Badger New 30th Anniversary Edition by Dr Richard Meyer

Foreword by Dr Chris Cheeseman Price £9.50 + P&P

What Richard says in this new edition…

"One [ministry pronouncement], asserting that the CP [Consultative Panel] plays a major role in allowing us to demonstrate that all shades of opinion on badgers have been taken into account before we kill them is chilling. I hope it was written by someone with a sense of humour."

"... badgers and hedgehogs have co-existed for millennia – it is humans who screw up the environment."

"Economics' tragically is the key word, not science."

"I believe that if farmers were better businessmen they'd see right through Defra."

"To the cattle industry in this country, badgers are a calamitously expensive and tragic red herring... a digression, an aberration and massively irrelevant."

"While there is nothing wrong with sentiment as a civilising force, this is not about sentiment. My stance would be exactly the same if we were talking about Brock's less engaging relatives, the stoat or weasel."

What others say about this new edition…

"Your badger books will be with me always" Pam Stange, Australia

"Richard has a penetrating insight into the development of this country's policy of bovine TB management having been closely involved, sometimes at a personal level, for more than three decades." Dr Chris Cheeseman

"The first 2 paragraphs of the introduction told me this is a man after my own heart." Lesley Docksey

"Incisive & heartbreakingly sad read on the tragic route to current badger cull. A must read." Catherine Langton

"Thanks for exposing the truth behind badger cull. Bravo!" Paul Smith

I particularly liked Mike Rendle's view in "Fate" that in Eire, 2012 a cull of 6939 badgers at a cost of €3.4 million, had no effect on cattle TB, just 55 reactors fewer than 2011 ... so culling badgers doesn't work !"  Martin Hancox


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