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From an overgrown path

After Leoš Janá?ek

From an overgrown path,

   Through darkened trees,

Something was there

   That might be seized;

It glinted pale, went,

   Then came again.

Was it, could it be

   A new domain?

A vanishing place -

   I'd never quit.

Keep it quiet; keep it

   Secret. Keep it!

Buttressed by old Scots

   Pines, those rock walls

Would conceal the one who

   Inward crawls.

And once within: see!


To sightless folk who might

    Glance the hill.

They will not come,

    There's nothing to see;

The overgrown path is


No stone, no rock,

    Just the sky beyond,

Through a tangled maze

    Of frond on frond.

No limestone quarry

   Of my Before;

The castle of rock

    I thought I saw.

Just pale insubstantial


But the overgrown path

    Is still there.

© RM Meyer

Winswell Water, May 2021