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Where you are not


Where you are not is where you want to be.
When you are there do you think Somewhere new?

Why do we move? Some notion to be free?
Or to some place else for a better view?


Today I find freedom in a locked room

But yesterday I moved on anxiously.

Now I find the near view to be the moon

And see the old wall microscopically.

Look deep! A detailed vista lies within

Another new mysterious landscape

Awaits and by scale alone is hidden;

But square it up and make the detail great.


The miniature expands in essence

Overlooking far and wide distance.

Study hard the tiny inflorescence

And jewel-like crustose lichens will entrance.

Fruticose ones, emerald mosses creep through

Crumbled joints of mortar into chasms

Inch miles deep, and astonish the narrow view.

Stay put, look hard and behold new prisms.


Let’s lock ourselves down and swap our places,

We might be settled, even happier.

Forsake streams of cars in endless races

Going to some new place where once we were.

© RM Meyer

Winswell Water December 2020